Our beginnings are deeply personal …

CA_overlook_1The Teacher’s Pet started as a result of our family’s need for a highly specialized service dog when my husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s at 38 yrs old (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS).Frustrated with the inability to find a service dog that could meet his extreme needs quickly, we embarked on training our own.

Cooper came into our lives in 2006 and was an able-bodied service animal by 8 months old… he continues to still be a blessing to our family. In the community, he has also become a role model for what a service dog should be. The company was started when everywhere we went someone wanted a dog like Cooper.

Since that time, we have trained close to 3000 dogs (a combination of service/therapy/companion). We are proud to have some of our dogs in the school system with school psychologists helping children with special needs as well as strengthening our community through the gifts of increased independence and confidence to adults with challenges.

We are more than your typical dog training company… not only do we intimately understand how important a quality service animal is; we also know what a gift a well trained companion dog is to each family. We believe that

our Dogs are blessings that add balance to our lives.

Our company is committed to creating lifetime companions!

Our program…

The Teacher’s Pet offers the safety and calmness of a home environment.We train dogs of all ages, sizes & temperaments. Our specialty is puppies 2-6 months of age and dogs that have a future as a service dog or therapy dog.We also aid in breed & puppy selection.

Your pet will get lots of love, positive reinforcement and socialization inour training programs or during a boarding experience.See more info on our training programs and review our training philosophy

meet our team

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