The Teacher’s Pet trains dogs of all ages with the focus of creating lifetime companions.

Jade (Dobe), Sadie (Shih-Tzu) and Cooper (Golden) welcome you to The Teacher’s Pet.

Your pup will “fit right in” with this well-balanced pack.

… enjoy the pics below… oh so cozy!

Boone (1.5 ys Wheaton mix)

LARS (11mo ausie mix) – LARS was a special needs dog. He is deaf & almost blind & was adopted through a rescue.

SUKI (6mo Doodle) on far left

Bella (7mo Dane)

Asia (4mo Dobie)

BooBoo (1 yr old Dane) joined the siesta

Pixie & Boston just chill’n…

Riley – doodle an his 6 friends … waiting for food & chowing down!

Playday…. celebrating BooBoo (dane) the snowbird is back!

Daisy May – Rhodesian Ridgeback

Coach – Doodle

Pixie – Golden

Shaggy – Doodle

with friends

Gracie – Puggle

Koda – Sharpei / Black Lab / Hound Mix

Moses – Sharpei / Black Lab / Hound Mix

Sharpie- Black Lab Sultan – Greyhound

Boston – Wheaton Terrier

Daisy May – Rhodesian Ridgeback Mad Max – Collie Mix

Bravo – WHite Lab

Tyson & Brutus – Boxers

Precious – Shih-Tzu Santee – White Shepherd

Suade – Pomeranian

Dickens – Maltese & Baileigh – Cocker Spaniel

Max – Yorkie / Schnauzer Mix

Posha – King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Tango – Doberman

Meika – Bernese Mountain Dog Bella – Weimaraner Gotti – American Bulldog

Ruby Tuesday – Blk Mix Sockee & Bailey – Yellow Labs

Jade – Doberman

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