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Certifications, Dental Clinic, and MORE…!

CONGRATS on your new Service Dog Certification!

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Dana & NICNEVEN “Nic” have passed their Service dog certification after 8 months of training. Nic was bred by our sister company “Black Mountain Kennel” and grew up learning with Dana. Dana is an amazing young lady just out of her teen years but needing assistance from Nic in support of activity challenges due to Brain Cancer.  Nic can alert for seizures, remove receiver of emergency phone thus calling for help, brace for standing and retrieve most items Dana needs.  She also gives her emotional support by staying close to her during treatments for her cancer in the hospital.  They are quite a team!!!  Congrats Dana!


CONGRATS on your new Therapy Dog Certification!

shea & pico  Shea and PICO are our newest Therapy Dog Team… Shea has a form of Autism that makes concentration during long days at school challenging. With Pico by her side Shea is able to focus on her schoolwork much better.  Congrats Shea!


NEXT Anesthesia FREE Dental Clinic is DEC 4, 2015!

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