All other Services:

Private lessons either onsite or at your home

Referral Program – receive a value credit towards any service offered (including dog food) for each person you refer that participates in one of our training programs.

Pet Pickup or drop off at home within 30 miles of TPet… i.e. Anthem, Desert Hills, Carefree, Cave Creek

Bath with nails & ear cleaning

Raw dog food diet sold frozen – “Red Rock Raw” – 10lb bags of 1/2lb patties (beef or ckn) – all organ meat, fruits vegies & ground bone, certified USDA grade facility. A complete diet even for puppies. Benefits: shedding almost disappears, better absorption so smaller & less frequent eliminations, bigger healthier litters (if you breed), a REALLY soft coat… Just touch any of my pups!

GIFT CERTIFICATES – give the gift of creating lifetime companions!! holidays, Bdays, housewarming gift, congratulations on your new puppy

Upcoming activity:

Community Service – we will be looking to do more with our well behaved companions & our service & therapy dogs in the community! I will send notifications when we have opportunities to help those in need.

Pet adoptions – some of you know that I have a passion for helping rescue dogs…. Paw Placement out of Scottsdale is one such rescue (in addition to Anthem Pets) that I try to help by training dogs so they can go to good homes. Please be sure to keep them in mind if you know someone looking to adopt!

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