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For the safety & well being of all our guests & neighbors, we require:

  • proof of current immunizations such as: parvo, bordertella, rabies etc
  • animals to be free of ticks, fleas, mites or other ailments that are contagious such as : coughs, coccidia, giardia.
  • We use bark collars for excessive barkers

We reserve the right to treat your animal if it shows signs of Fleas or other contagious microbes or to take your animal to a vet for care.

Living in the Desert…

  • Animals that frequent the desert environment: Javelina, big cats, large birds, coyote, spiders, scorpions, bees, lizards, sheep, cows, horses, pack rats, ground squirrels, rattlesnakes
  • Though we have had no trouble living harmoniously in this environment & rarely see any of these critters, the natural dangers do exist & it is our obligation to let you know.

We take many commonsense precautions to ensure that nothing happens to your pet… no small dog is outside unattended, no other dogs are outside alone… they are always in groups, we spray monthly for insects & spiders & scorpions, we employ a quarterly rodent checkup to ensure there are none in the home or kennel areas (this is a precaution only since we do not have that issue), all shrubs pruned off the ground a minimum of 1-2ft, all food is in sealed containers, we keep benadril handy in case of any type of bug bite. We also have a vet 1 block away. Please call with any questions.

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