The Teacher’s Pet preps dogs for a future as a therapy dog. Training ideally begins at 8 weeks of age through 6 months, however any age is fine.

What makes a dog a therapy dog?

Therapy animals are usually not service animals. They are only allowed in approved venues; generally in places that have a dog therapy program like: hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for motivational, educational and/or recreational benefits to enhance a person’s quality of life. They often are credited with raising the spirits & helping in the healing process of individuals with which they interact. Therapy animals need to be impeccably behaved & do so in unusual settings like hospitals.

Oliver – Golden Retriever

Murphy – Standard Poodle

BooBoo – Great Dane

Zoey – Maltese (2.5 lbs)

Chandler – Golden Retriever

Sadie – Shih-Tzu

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