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Your puppy will know only love & success! He/she will quickly become

“The Teacher’s Pet”

Our #1 priority is to create an atmosphere where your pet is safe, becomes confident and eager to please. Our training methods are humane and use positive reinforcement to achieve your goals. We focus on behaviors in home, in car, & in public environments. Your canine receives age appropriate socialization to kids, dogs, group classes etc (depending on age & stage of vaccinations).
Our service to you is to foster the lifelong bond between owner & canine. Our program focuses on establishing the basics with your pet. The dog learns to take direction & rely on that trainer for leadership. We build that through consistent positive reward to the dog , then we transition that knowledge to you through private lessons. We offer, and highly recommend, that you take advantage of the program’s option to continue with group lessons which continues the socialization of your pet as well as reinforces what you both have learned.


  • • The owner is involved in 100% of the training & has trained close to 3000 dogs of all shapes sizes & temperaments. She herself owns 2 service dogs (1 of which serviced her husband whom had ALS – Lou Gehrigs), a therapy dog & a companion/protection dog.
  • • Other trainer’s lessoning your dog will have a minimum of 2 years experience in professional dog training.
  • • Dog walkers will be assigned based on a match of your pups level of training & the walker’s experience.

* We are not qualified to train dogs for clients who need assistance with sight, hearing, emotional or stress-related disabilities or any impairment that seriously affects memory, retention, concentration or understanding.

BENEFITS of Our Program

  • • Training Programs are designed to your specific needs.
  • • Dogs are trained in a home environment; so behave accordingly.
  • • All our personal dogs are CGC certified and being part of a healthy pack fosters good behaviors
  • • All dogs go through the same methods that our service dogs go through which creates lifelong bonds.
  • • We start puppies (8 wks) before they are old enough to attend traditional puppy classes (16 wks old); which allows families to have a trained puppy by the time that most people are just starting traditional puppy class.
  • • Private transition lessons when your pet goes back to your home environment – this means we train you!!
  • • You will never again have to raise your voice or yank on a leash(especially important in puppies) to have your pup behave.
  • • Our puppy selection offering is terrific for those who are unsure as to how to select a pup for their specific needs. We offer guidelines and suggestions to assist you or at your request will select the pup with you present
  • • Our training allows you to have control over your dog in any situation, with any distraction, even off leash. Recall your dog at a dog park, in a crowd with lots of noise, or at a family gathering. It is also incredibly important for those with strength limitations, vocal challenges or other physical limitations to know they have complete control.


  • • We are experienced in many training methods and vary methods based on you & your dog’s specific needs and your wishes. Our methods include (but not limited to): “TOP DOG teamwork training” method, Monk’s of New Skete philosophy, traditional leash and collar methods and remote collars.
  • • All methods are used in a way that is not only humane and builds confidence, but also fosters strong lifelong bonds between the pet & owner.
  • We do not tolerate any abuse of our animals. They are all special and become a loving part of our family (see our testimonials).
  • • Other training practices include: introduction to walkers or wheelchairs, tandem walks, regular switching between “working” vs playtime

Make an informed decision!!

It is important to understand the options available to you. Don’t be persuaded by 1 person’s opinion as there is no 1 method that works; just like kids. It is crucial that your trainer recognize the needs of the dog & create the right atmosphere. We have provided a summary of common training practices & encourage you to review & ask questions… read more

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